By simply turning off the faucet and shower when not in use can help a household lower its water consumption.

Lowering water consumption is a good way to lower utility bills, and be gentler to the environment. Most households can do away with less of their actual regular consumption since some members unconsciously waste this finite resource. Licensed plumbers are one of the best persons who can help homes consume less water. 

Given their vast experience in dealing with water and plumbing, they have a treasure trove of tips on how to decrease water consumption without causing inconvenience in any home.   

Plumber’s tips to minimize water usage

The simple tip of turning off the faucet or shower when not in use goes a long way. For instance, most people are used to letting water flow from the faucet while they soap up their hands, brush their teeth, or shave. Most also do not turn off the shower while sudsing up or shampooing their hair. The amount of water wasted in these activities can add up to a lot. 

Using high-efficiency plumbing equipment and home appliances can also help in lowering a household’s water consumption. For instance, High-Efficiency dishwashers, washing machines, shower faucets, and toilets all use a fraction of water compared to their conventional counterparts. Yes, upgrading into these high-efficiency materials may cost a homeowner a good amount of money, but the investment will pay off in terms of savings on consumption. 

How to Save on AC Repair

Servicing your Air Conditioner may seem impossible for some, but there are clear ways to minimize expenses in terms of AC repair costs. The number one way is to maintain the AC periodically. Replace or wash the filter regularly so that the AC will not get burdened into operating through a clogged filter. Regular filter replacement also eases the mechanical burden on the other parts of the AC preventing needless wear and tear. 

The outdoor unit also needs careful maintenance. The homeowner should check the condenser from time to time to ensure that its surroundings are not blocked and that air can flow freely to and from the unit. The homeowner should also remove visible dust and debris on the condenser’s body. 

Deal only with Legitimate AC Repair Companies

Dealing only with licensed Air Conditioning Repair 92128 companies will ensure an efficient and insured AC repair service. Hiring a “freelancer” or unlicensed technician can just lead to further problems down the road that are costly to repair. 

How to save on Air Conditioning Bills

The summer months are grueling not just because of the intense heat and the discomfort that it brings. For households that try to lower their monthly operational expenses, summer months would mean higher utility bills because of nonstop and cranked-up air conditioning.

Fortunately on Tumblr, there are ways to keep air conditioning costs under control. This article will tackle the various ways to save on air conditioning bills so that households could stay cool and comfortable without shelling out way too much on their monthly expenditures. 

Use a programmable or WIFI thermostat

A programable thermostat can lower the temperature at home when no one is around. This means that the AC system would not need to work hard round the clock and use up more energy than it should cool a home that is empty at certain times of the day. Programmable and wifi thermostats scale down thermostat settings so that the AC does not get overworked, When the family members are at home, it automatically goes back to the desired setting of the household so that they could feel cool and comfortable as they want to. This presents significant savings on utility costs. 

Utilize window treatments and ensure that gaps are sealed

Homeowners should see to it that the sun rays do not get inside the house during the hottest times of the day. By blocking out the sun using curtains, drapes, blinds, and other furnishings, the AC would not have to work harder to meet the desired temperature setting of the household members. Sealing the gaps through the windows, doors, and other openings could also lower AC bills. This measure ensures that the cold air stays inside the room and that the desired coolness at home is easily maintained, preventing the AC from getting overworked.

Use common sense

Common sense will help a lot in reducing air conditioning costs. For instance, wearing light and airy clothes can help anyone to stay cooler without maxing out on the Air Conditioner’s capabilities. Showering regularly and staying hydrated is also one of the ways to stay naturally cool whether indoors or outdoors. Refraining from using heat-generating appliances during the daytime can also help in lowering utility bills. Heat generating appliances like the oven, the dryer, and the clothes iron can release warm air, making it harder for the AC to keep up with the homeowner’s desired temperature inside the house. 

Keep the AC well-maintained

While periodic professional care is an expense, it is a cost that is worth every penny. By keeping the AC system well-maintained, the air conditioner gets to function at its most efficient level, avoiding unnecessary power usage that just drives up utility bills. Homeowners should periodically schedule professional AC maintenance by hiring a reliable local AC contractor.

Also, on his part, the homeowner should routinely replace clean air conditioning filters, clean AC vents, and check on the outdoor unit to ensure that the AC will function efficiently in between professional AC inspections. Homeowners should replace their AC filters at least once every three months, reusable filters meanwhile must be cleaned every two weeks.

Air conditioning vents on the other hand need cleaning at least once a month. The condenser or outdoor unit, should on the other hand get wiped clean at least once a month and should have an unobstructed airflow within 18 inches of its perimeter. 

Signs an Air Conditioner needs repair

Air conditioners are designed to work quietly in the background. And since it operates 24/7, most homeowners hardly notice their home AC’s performance until issues prop up. Usually, it starts with unusual cooling temperatures. It may seem like the AC can no longer cool the whole house even if it is in the same thermostat setting where it can usually cool the home comfortably. The next thing the homeowner knows some significant problem will surface. 

To avoid inconveniences and discomfort, homeowners should stay on top of the air conditioning maintenance work. Homeowners should also get in touch with Reliable Standard Heating & Air, a certified air conditioning repair company that can immediately fix the problem and assess whether other issues could affect the performance and lifespan of the air conditioning system. 

When to Seek Air Conditioner Repair

Several signs indicate that there is a problem with a home air conditioning system. Homeowners should take note of these signs and immediately act on them. It is highly possible that the AC could still cool the whole home despite the issue, allowing homeowners to postpone professional repairs. Postponing or shrugging off repairs though could make the problem worse, eventually making the AC unable to cool the home. 

AC produces an odd noise 

Air conditioning manufacturers usually highlight the fact that their AC units operate silently. When it comes to AC, the less noise the better. And so, when a home air conditioner suddenly produces odd noises like a loud hum, screeching, ticking, banging, or clicking, there surely is something brewing within the mechanism of the AC system. 

It is possible that a mechanical part came loose, an electrical part broke down, a mechanism suddenly got worn out, the filter needs a replacement, or the AC has sucked in debris. Whatever the reason is, the homeowner should immediately seek professional servicing to avoid a total AC breakdown.

The weird odor from AC vents

When the AC suddenly produces a weird odor like sweaty socks, rotten eggs, or burning rubber, it surely means that there is a serious problem within its operating system. The problem could range from a burning component, a refrigerant leak, a dead rodent or lizard within the ducts, mold growth, or even a gas leak. Make sure to immediately get in touch with a reputable Cyclex AC contractor to immediately get to the bottom of the issue. Rotten eggs or burning smells should prompt homeowners to immediately turn off the AC system at the breaker level, and vacate the home to avoid inhaling the unpleasant fumes. 

AC is not cooling the home like it used to

When the Air Conditioner fails to cool the house like it used to then it is highly likely that there is a thermostat issue or a mechanical problem. Either way, the homeowner should get in touch with a reliable AC repair company that can immediately diagnose the problem, and fix the issue. 

Skyrocketing AC bills

When the utility bills suddenly increase without changes in usage patterns then there may be a problem with the air conditioning system. Usually, it means a dirty filter and condenser, but it could also mean a leaking refrigerant or a malfunctioning mechanical part. A qualified AC technician can immediately remediate the matter, so it is best to get in touch with one right away. 

Why homes should upgrade to eco-friendly air conditioning units

The use of air conditioners promotes carbon emission, and so, more and more homeowners are trying to minimize their carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly air conditioners. Switching to environment-friendly ACs though is not that easy as it may involve practical considerations.

For instance, replacing a fully functioning AC with an eco-friendly one does not seem practical especially for financially strapped property owners. Also, some energy-efficient air conditioning systems are usually more expensive up front, making some homeowners think twice about purchasing. 

Reasons to switch to a greener AC

Switching to a greener air conditioning system for a residential property comes with several benefits. And while the ultimate reason for choosing environment-friendly AC systems is to help reduce greenhouse gases and lower environmental footprint, other considerations could benefit the property owner himself. 

Energy-efficient air conditioning systems

Greener air conditioning units are ultimately energy-efficient. Using less energy means having fewer carbon emissions, which is good for the ecosystem. Practically speaking, it means lower cooling bills. The good news is, most newer models of AC systems are energy efficient, giving homeowners a better choice regardless if they prefer a central air conditioning system or a split type AC system. 

Possible monetary benefits

Some states and cities offer incentives for switching to greener technology. One of these technologies is air conditioning systems, and so homeowners should check out some of the offers their local governments have for upgrading into environmental-friendly AC. Some examples of local incentives include tax breaks depending on the size and capacity of the air conditioner, and possible rebates.

Some appliance manufacturers and appliance trading companies on Yelp also offer promotional rebates and other discounts for purchasing eco-friendlier cooling systems. 

Making existing traditional ACs eco-friendlier

For property owners who are yet to switch to an eco-friendly air conditioning system, there are still ways to utilize the cooling system in an energy-efficient way. One of the ways include keeping the AC system well-maintained. An optimally efficient air conditioning system, uses just the right amount of energy to cool the whole house, whereas an ill-maintained AC uses up more energy to compensate for its current maintenance state. 

Homeowners should see to it that their AC filters and condensers are clean and regularly replaced. periodic professional maintenance is also a must to curb possible issues, and immediately fix existing ac problems that could increase p0ower utilization rates. 

Use a smart or programmable thermostat

Using a programmable or WIFI thermostat will also significantly help in lowering a home’s carbon emission in viewing or air conditioner use. On Google, programmable or WiFi thermostats automatically adjust the AC’s temperature control when no one is at home. This means that the air conditioning system would not have to work doubly harder to meet a homeowner’s desired temperature whenever he is at home. Instead, the temperature will just be at minimal cooling levels so that the air conditioner will not have to needlessly consume energy. 

Homeowners can also use an AC zoning system that puts cooling into minimal levels in unoccupied zones or areas at home. For instance, during the daytime when most household members are in common areas, cooling will be at a minimum level in the bedrooms so that the AC system will not get overworked, and consequently, over-consume power.